A Special Publishing Note

Hello, readers!  I’m happy to say that I’m back.

When I wrote my last post back in early January, I thought I would only be in Jamaica for a little while.  At that time, I said that I would begin publishing again when my next adventure began.  Well, it’s three months later and I’m still here.  And my next adventure is not set to begin for a few months yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing and the posts have started to pile up.  So I decided that while I await my departure for my next adventure, I will begin publishing again.  Therefore, this is a notice about my new publishing schedule.

Beginning on Monday, April 3, 2017, I will begin publishing two posts per week – I will release a new post every Monday and Thursday at 12:05 PM GMT.  You can check WorldTimeBuddy to see the corresponding time in your time zone.  I’ve already written enough to keep things going for a while yet.  Therefore, if anything happens in the intervening time before my new adventure begins, I will increase my posting rate and add another day to the lineup.  Also, once my new adventure officially begins, it’s likely that I’ll have to pick up the pace again because if last year was any indication, I’ll probably have quite a bit to say.

I really like when you give me feedback because it helps me be a better writer or challenges me with a different point of view or encourages me.  So feel free to ‘Like’ or comment on any post that you connect with in some way or have questions about. Also, to ensure that you receive an email alert every time a new post launches, make sure that you follow this blog (if you don’t already) by clicking the ‘Follow’ button that should appear at the bottom right of your screen.  Otherwise, you can check back here on Mondays and Thursdays to see what’s new.

Happy reading!

And it’s really good to be back.

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