JEXIT Stop 3 – My Spirit Is Renewed

I awoke at 2:45 on the morning of my second full day in Atlanta.  And I couldn’t go back to sleep, dang it!  I think it was my stopped up nose that woke me up but I don’t know what kept me up.

Unfortunately, on the last day before I left California, I had started coughing along with A, but nowhere near as badly as her.  All day Wednesday, while we had breakfast and coffee then on my flight to Atlanta, I coughed intermittently.  When I got up on Thursday, the cough was still with me but I wasn’t worried because that was my only symptom.  I didn’t have a fever, body aches or a runny nose, nothing associated with the flu; all I had was the intermittent cough.

When I went to bed on Thursday night, 1 nostril was stopped up so I Vicks’d up my chest and my nose and went to bed in peace.  When I aw0ke just before 3 am, my nose was totally stopped up and runny and I just could not fall back to sleep.  So I read my Bible for a little while, listened to a sermon then watched one and a quarter Hallmark Christmas movies.  By the time I finished all that, it was about 3 hours later and I finally fell asleep again, determined to hit up the Publix pharmacy just behind my hotel as soon as they opened.  My next JEXIT stop was approaching in a couple of days plus I had things still to do in Atlanta; getting the flu wasn’t on my checklist list so I thought it prudent to arrest things before they progressed any further.

I woke up groggy and tired just before 8 am, loathe to get out of bed but knowing that I had to because I hate having a stopped up nose; I just wanted to breathe!  So I decided to be a big girl and drag myself into the day.  I showered, had some cereal in the hotel dining room then ambled over to Publix.  Unfortunately, I got there a little before the pharmacy opened so I had to wait for a few minutes.  Still, the pharmacist was very helpful once she opened up and she recommended the store brand Sudafed decongestant (non-drowsy, yay!) for me based on my symptoms.  I ambled back to my hotel dining room, where I had some orange juice, raisin bread and my first dose of meds.  By the time I got back to my room 15 minutes later, my nose had already started feeling clearer and I was no longer mouth-breathing, thank God (so hard on the delicate tissues of the mouth and throat; also, super creepy when you’re around other people).

Since I was already feeling better, I decided it was time to check out the coffee shop down the road.  My Google research had told me that they served fresh roasted coffee, which sounded promising, so I had high hopes for a good latte.  My hopes were realised, thankfully.  I ensconced myself in a comfy leather armchair (apparently, I really like those) and settled in to spend a couple of hours writing and organising my life a bit.

I spent most of the afternoon with Spiritual Mentor #2, who met me back at my hotel with her daughter and her older son in tow.  I was so happy to see them all and we passed a couple of lovely few hours catching up.  Although she’s a faithful reader of this blog and already knew how my year had unfolded, and although I had kept pretty much up-to-date on the happenings in her life over this year while I’ve been so far away, being together in person and talking about the events that have shaped our lives most recently is totally different from Whatsapp calling about it.

In the early evening, I Uber’d to one of the two church services I had gone to Atlanta to attend.  It was beautiful!  The praise and worship kind of escaped me again, because again they were singing songs I didn’t know.  Even so, I was so glad I went because the sermon was very enlightening and the time of fellowship afterwards was beyond revelatory for me.

After church was over, I cabbed it back to my hotel (I had arranged for the same guy who drove me from the airport on Wednesday night pick me up because I wasn’t sure about the availability of wifi at the church; Uber would have been less than half the price.  No more cabs for me) and settled in for the night.  With that church service, I successfully completed 3 of the 4 things on my JEXIT Stop 3 list, and they were all absolutely fulfilling.  So when I snuggled into bed on Friday night, I was pretty pleased with how this JEXIT stop was going.  My cold was coming under control after a few more doses of my over-the-counter meds during the day, and after a few doses of time spent with my spiritual mother the day before and my spiritual sister and church that day, my spirit was filling up.

Honestly, guys, what more could I ask for?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  But I still got more.


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