Perfect Day

Have you ever thought about your perfect day?  I have.  I was thinking about it just a couple of weeks ago while I was soaking in the tranquility of The Jamaican‘s courtyard.  Since then, my mind has wandered to it over and over again so I thought I should write it down.  Here goes.

I wake up in a chalet somewhere up a mountain.  The minute I open my eyes, I’m looking through French doors that open onto a deck overlooking a lake backed by more mountains.  I slowly roll over in my king-sized bed, adjusting my down-filled comforter as I turn.  I end up on my back, gazing contentedly at the sky through the skylight that is directly over my bed.  I spend those first few moments of wakefulness inundated in joy and gratitude for being exactly where I am in that exact moment.

After I become fully awake, I get a cup of flavoured tea (maybe dandelion – I really like flowering teas) and get back into bed, where I spend 2 hours or so studying my Bible, talking to God and listening to a sermon.  When I’m done, I get dressed in workout gear, have a breakfast parfait, and set off with my dog for a wander through the woods and up a hill.  Once I get to my turnaround point overlooking the lake, I sit for a while and just marvel at the wonder of God’s creation and His goodness.  Then I turn around and head back to my place, where it’s time for breakfast: fluffy, delicious pancakes with maple syrup, a full-house omelet and a mug of rich, nutmeg- and cinnamon-flavoured hot chocolate.

Then I reach for a book.  It’s a book that makes me forget myself and everything around me.  I’m reading my book ensconced in a comfy lounge chair on my deck overlooking the lake, wrapped in a blanket to keep warm.  My dog is snoozing beside my chair, while my cat curls up in my lap, also fast asleep while I stroke its belly.  After a few hours, they awake and I come back to reality and make a tomato avocado salad with toasted garlic bread for lunch – easy and delicious but filling.

After lunch, I head into the nearby town centre and pass a couple of hours at a cafe, sipping on a froufrou coffee drink and hanging out with anyone who is available (but someone with excellent conversational skills who has interesting things to say).  If the town has a good library, I’ll head there to browse or check out another book; otherwise, I’ll check out the new arrivals at the bookstore.  I’ll also stop at the supermarket to pick up treats for my cat and dog.

In the evening, I’ll have a nice steak or lobster dinner with friends at a restaurant, accompanied by a delicious glass of wine and a fancy dessert.  I’ll wrap up the day lounging on my comfy, cushy sectional sofa with the cat on my lap, watching my favourite TV show of the moment.

It sounds supremely boring, I know, but it’s mine and I like it.  Go think about your own.


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