Bali Bliss Part 4 – Food!

All photos in this post are credited to A.


To complete my reminiscence of my 4 days of bliss in Bali, I must pay proper respect to the food that we consumed.  To fully appreciate why this is necessary, you must understand what my daily food life has been like since I’ve been in Indonesia.

I usually have a pretty healthy lifestyle.  Except for fried dumplings, I usually avoid rice and fried foods, eat lots of fruits, raw veggies and oatmeal, and drink lots of water.  I’m not ashamed to admit that although I normally work very hard to keep in shape physically, I actually hate exercising and will not do it if I’m not accountable to a trainer.  No, I don’t want a workout partner – I need someone telling me what to do.  But even considering my natural aversion to exercise, I still usually go to the gym 3 or 4 times each week, where I work out with a trainer.

We won’t talk about my exercise routine in Indonesia because there’s no exercise routine to talk about.  I walk 4 minutes to the 7-Eleven almost every morning to get my coffee, 6 minutes to the fruit stand every few days to get fresh fruits, which I eat with a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, and 1 minute to the main road to catch a cab or becak.  When A was still here, I used to do those walks much faster because her motor is stuck on high.  Since she’s been gone, I’ve slowed my roll to a non-sweat pace.  That’s the extent of my exercise.  The food, though…we can talk about the food.

About the only healthy thing in my daily diet since I’ve been in Indonesia is my reasonably high water consumption.  On any given day, there are way too many carbs in my diet in the form of rice or noodles.  There isn’t 1 meal that doesn’t include rice or noodles.  On top of that, every meal has at least 1 fried item.  That means I’m eating rice and fried foods twice daily.  I see a cleanse coming when I return to the west.

This is why I must big up A her extensive food research in preparation for our Bali adventure.  Because of that, we also had a culinary vacation that was absolutely deeeeeeelightful!  Here goes…Bali in food pictures.


First Bali meal of pumpkin salad for lunch…don’t let the quantity fool you, it was delicious and filling


For dinner I had some type of Mediterranean salad…after a lot of walking around in the heat, all that cold cucumber was deliciously refreshing and healthy


Part of breakfast…my omelet and A’s poached eggs not pictured.  We had the same thing for breakfast all 3 mornings we were there so you won’t see anymore breakfast pictures

2016-04-24 23.17.21.jpg

Lunch overlooking the volcano…the bad part was the noodles and the slice of bread that I couldn’t resist


13 different flavours of teas and coffees on our luwak coffee tour


Seafood dinner on the beach

2016-04-26 00.41.34

Pork ribs with slices of apple on top…eaten overlooking the greenest rice field you ever saw


I had the tuna tataki on the right, A had the ceviche on the left

2016-04-27 00.31.12

Last day’s lunch – sweet potato burger…yum!


This was A’s lunch…it was so pretty, I had to include it…fruit bowl (the heart is dragon fruit) and coffee


Coffee break! A’s coffee on the left, my latte on the right

2016-04-27 05.39.57

Last Bali meal was bought to-go and eaten when we got to the airport…tuna pita pocket for me, burrito for A

That’s it.  That was our food tour of Bali.  I know that this was not my most exciting post and there was no big lesson from it but my body was so happy for healthy fuel that I couldn’t gloss over it like the food wasn’t a huge part of what made Bali enjoyable and memorable.

Yes, Bali was absolute bliss for my body and for my mind.  Good times.


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