Ode to Electricity

Oh, blessed Electricity
How I’ve taken you for granted
I’ve assumed you would be there
All day, every day
But now I know better
And I’m so much more thankful for you
Now than I’ve ever been before.

Oh, blessed Electricity
I wish you loved
Banda Aceh more
You turn your back on us
Almost every day
For 3 hours every time
Why, Electricity?  WHY??

Oh, blessed Electricity
When you abandon us
Like you do so often
We’re so HAAAWWWT!
No breeze, no fan, only heat
And we cry out,
“Come back to us, Electricity!”

Oh, blessed Electricity
When you go away
We have no internet
So we can’t do our online work
And we can’t talk to our friends
And family back home…no wifi

Oh, blessed Electricity
Don’t think us ungrateful, though
We are happy when you only
Stay gone for 3 hours
Please don’t stay away
From us ALL DAY again

Oh, blessed Electricity
We know you don’t want to go
But your plant in Medan is broken
And needs fixing
So we are grateful for the time
You do give us
Because it could be so much worse.

Oh, blessed Electricity
We want to know you better
Won’t you stay with us always?
Won’t you love Banda Aceh more?
Won’t you keep us cool
And connected always?
Blessed, blessed Electricity!


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