A Special Publishing Note

Hello, readers!

It’s been exactly 1 month since my last publishing note.  In that time, I have found that I am still adding new content at a fairly fast pace.  I also feel like my readers are falling a bit behind in the things that have been happening here because of my current publishing schedule.  So I have decided to increase the pace, as promised.

Beginning on Monday, March 21, 2016 I will begin publishing 4 posts per week; I will release a new post every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:05 am GMT.  This is a rapid rate for me but things are happening here even when it seems like nothing is happening.  I find myself constantly drafting new posts in my head, so I’m trusting God that I will keep the pipeline filled for you!  Again, if I continue at this pace, I will add a fifth day to the lineup, likely Thursday.

Remember, I welcome your feedback so feel free to ‘Like’ or comment on any post that you connect with in some way or have questions about.  You can also ‘Follow’ this blog to get an email alert each time a new post is published.

Happy reading!


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